The Isle of Youth or Tir na nOG
Tir Na N-Og

The Isle of the Young

The land of the young or the isle of everlasting youth; where gods and mortals achieve balance and harmony, living together as equals.

The mortals could not leave Tir Na N-Og, to return to their homeland, as to set foot on the mundane land of mortals meant that they would grow old and die.

While they inhabited the island, they were immortal. Usually a mortal was there because he or she loved a God/dess and was loved in return.

What is the meaning of this strange Isle? Is it merely a paradise, a Valhalla for the celtic warrior; a land of ease, a journeys end? But it is not the journeys end, but merely a stage on our quest. What then is the lesson of Tir Na N-og.

Meditate upon youth.

It is a time of sweetness, of beauty, of hope, of love
It is also a time of error, ignorance, fear, and rashness

Meditate upon the idea of God and Mortal living together

It is a physical embodiment of the ideal of spiritual balance
It is a impossibility, and means sublimating or denying our humanity

Meditate upon the land of Tir Na N-Og
Would you like to be forever young?
Perhaps to leave behind all responsibility, duty, family, and friends; and be light and youthful rather than tired and worried?
Does the idea of leaving behind friends and family fill you with fear?
Do you feel that you are worthy to be considered equal to the divine?
Do you seek the divine within, seeking spiritual balance?
Do you devote more worry to your appearance than to your inner self?
Do you despise physical beauty?
Are you comfortable with your physical appearance?
Do you fear growing old?
Are you impatient with youth?
Do you sacrifice everything for Love?
Do you guard your emotions lest sacrifice be asked of you?

Which of the above speaks to you? Which emotion or reaction has relevance to your life today? Seek within and find the meaning that Tir Na N-Og holds for you. If fresh ones occur to you, add them to your meditations. Consider every aspect of this Isle?s possible meanings, and your reactions to them. For example if you feel impatient with youth, are you in a hurry to grow up? Are you grown up but feel no-one treats you with adult respect? Have you passed through a lot of trials, leaving you uncomfortable with innocence and naivety? Are you locked into a generational battle with a younger person?In these questions you will find the meaning that Tir Na N-Og holds for you at this point in time, and the challenges that it requires you to face.

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