The Freedom of the Plains

The central plains-lowlying, fertile, under wide-open skies-is the home of the great Raths and Duns (forts) of the Chieftains, and the farmers settlements. To the east in Leinster is The Great Hill of Tara, seat of the Kings of Ireland, and sacred to several Goddesses, and to the west is the court of Connaught, where the Goddess-queen Maeve (Meab, Meabh) reigned supreme.To the north the tribes of Ulster, warriors supreme, were Cu Chulainn defended the North against the Forces of the West in the Tain Bó and the the south, the bards and poets of Munster.

The entral plains represent that plateau of calm of security to which we all at some time aspire.By the same token, it can also represent stagnation, and smugness, perhaps even spiritual laziness.. One should live among the cosy plains hamlets and draw rich nourishment from the Earth itself, but always be prepared to move on, and continue the journey.

The Wisdom of the Plains Dweller




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