The Imramma: Obstacles part two


The over analysis of the Imrammic experience can lead to disaffection and a false understanding of the experience. It is primarily a mystery, and a certain amount of “letting go” is necessary. Attempts to over analyse are usually attempts to control in disguise – control the experience, control the understanding, control the environment.


I stress to beginners that one must view the landscape as extant – as existing with or without your understanding, knowledge or interaction. It is not shaped by your interaction but rather it reveals itself to you, as your learn and explore.  Without that act of acceptance, without a view of the landscape as concrete, (NB that does not mean unchanging, because it is alive and all live things change. It means in existence regardless of our input) we cannot leave aside our egos and our sublimations in order to explore.


 Imramma – like any other discipline of meditation - is open to personal gnosis and indeed the individuality of each landscape is guaranteed by the individuality of each soul, but it cannot be undertaken with disregard to the Imrammic structure. If you are not willing to move within the Imrammic structure then call your meditation journeying or soul voyaging or just meditation: the structure is there for a purpose.


I encourage people to transcend the rules, but only after they have learnt to follow them: this is as true of Imramma as it is of any other esoteric discipline. Often people run into difficulty in Imramma simply because their egos are not content to allow them be voyagers, explorers, within. They demand either spectacular Otherwordly experiences or they are so afraid of the questions and answers to be found within that they invent ways to circumvent them – over analysis, increasingly tortuous observations and questions; these avoidance techniques are among the more inventive while others simply feel blocked, or find that their ability to see and experience Imramma is blocked a specific point.


Otherworld experiences: If you practise Imramma in order to have experience of deity – you may run into trouble You may or may not have otherworldly experiences. The point is, the primary reason to start Imrammic meditation should be to achieve harmony between the three “realities” otherworld, physical and inner. The secondary reason is to know yourself, to explore the landscape of your soul. The result of honest, and hardworking exploration may well be direct experience of the otherworlds and deity/entities from that reality, but if it is your primary purpose you will never fully understand the purpose of Imramma.

Constantly trying to “meet” gods, sidhe etc, leads one to ignore the true messengers and also allows ego to over balance reception.

If we are not prepared to receive – messages, experiences, as openly as possible and as honestly as possible – we are not experiencing Imramma, we are merely imagining things. Putting an agenda in front of ourselves that flatters our ego, is self defeating.





Everyone “avoids”

Anyone who feels they have never avoided, never tried to circumvent unpalatable truths or questions they find scary, is either lying or is so shallow they really shouldn’t be bothering !


The first thing to remember about moments of avoidance is, don’t beat yourself up about it. In fact feel hopeful - it is a signal that you are getting closer to something real and meaningful in your spiritual or emotional landscape.


 It can also be a signal from your brain that you are moving too fast. Often in both the above cases, taking a step back and relaxing is actually the correct course of action. (Because over-analysis is in itself an avoidance technique, using it to overcome moments of avoidance is usually not a good idea.) Sometimes it requires a huge effort to set aside ego and allow ourselves to inhabit the inner landscape in the same way that we inhabit this one. Assume the physical components are the same: if you can eat breathe and function in this world, the inner landscape is made of the same materials. There is no need to assume any different. The metaphor of the Imramma becomes ludicrous and unnecessary if it provokes a reaction of over analysis of the material components. By all means be constantly analytical of the creatures and archetypes you encounter, of your own experiences, or your emotions or your needs.  That is to the purpose – worrying about the trappings is not. Allow the metaphor to exist, set aside ego and inhabit the world of your soul.


If you suspect you know what it is you are avoiding, then working to confront that issue outside Imramma can be very useful, using the Imramma as a barometer of your progress. Alternatively, if one feels trustful of the Imrammic environment then ideally one can work within the Imramma and use the tools of Imramma to begin to unblock these issues (part three)



Again, everyone feels blocked at times. Sometimes this is merely a temporary “slow down” message and sometimes it is comes from any number of reasons. Assuming that you are not really avoiding something, blockages can occur because of stress, in the physical reality; lack of focus or purpose; because the actual imagery of your Imrammic metaphor has not been updated, and at some level no longer reflects you or often, blockages simply cut off areas of the Imrammic experience in order to draw your attention to other areas.

Stress lack of focus etc are usually easily remedied, relaxation meditation and techniques should replace Imrammic journeys until one feels better. If you life and your self-awareness has changed you may need to rework the imagery of the Imramma, spending time exploring the new inner landscape, putting aside the imagery that came to you previously and allowing new imagery to occur, showing you new changes which you must explore and rediscover. Again relaxing and clearing away previous impressions and allowing new ones to come will work just as well if in fact the blockages are there to draw your attention to new areas.