The Isle of WOMEN or Tir na mBan
Tir na mBan

The Isle of Women.

Tir na mBan was a place sacred to the women of the otherworlds. Many voyagers visit here; almost all searchers on the journey of life visit this place of beauty, entertainment and pleasure.

It is place where the divine in Feminine form is celebrated. In this aspect the divine is mysterious, dark, elusive, healing, kind, and compassioate; the divine is sought through the satisfaction of physical desires on one hand; and the spirituality and ceremony of the Priestesses on the other. It is the isle of witches, Priestesses, queens and gods, with all the contradiction that that brings.

In all the stories the point is made that having tasted of all earthly pleasures, the visitor grows tired and eager to continue their journey. Thus although we here approach power, and enlightenment, we are called back by our ties, and pulled forward by our desire to know even more, experience even more.

Meditate upon the nature of Woman:

If male what is your secret opinion of women?
If female what is your secret opinion of other women?

Describe to your self your ideal of womanhood; then deliberately rewrite it praising enthusiastically all the things you loath and condemning the things you like. Compare the two accounts.

Meditate upon the Divine Woman

How easily we see Her as a mother and a nurse.
How easily we see Her as a Dark force, destructive and sinister.
Ho easily we see Her as Purity and Virtue.