What is the Imramma?

The Imramma is the term used by Irish traditionals to denote the Soul Journey, or Journey of Meditation undertaken by a practitioner around the "Homeland".

The use of a detailed spiritual landscape,called the Homeland with archetypes and meditations on different islands etc, has been used for generations to encourage our facility to soul journey; this spiritual path has opened up many other paths, such as past life regression, as practitioners become more adept.

As a concept it arises from the Myths and Sagas of ancient Ireland; the theme of a sea voyage leading the hero into contact with strange otherworld entities is often seen in the literature of both Ireland and other celtic nations. The sea in particular is seen as the home of the gods, and the archetypes - the seashore as a seminal place where one stands on the boundaries of both worlds.

The sacred islands mentioned here are drawn both from the sagas; ie Tir na mBán, Hy-Brasil, Tir Taingíri, Tir na nÓg, and the rest from my own personal family tradition. Most families follow something very similar to my own family's tradition; but small discrepencies and differences are perfectly normal. Therefore you may have someone using the Isle of Mazes instead of the Isle of Warriors for example....as long as the basic idea is the same one should not be afraid to experiment.

Some hints: Travelling in the Homeland

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