The Isle of Hy-Brasil or Isle of Dreams

The Isle of Dreams has a strange landscape, sometimes shrouded in mist, sometimes so drenched in sunlight that the white sands and rocks reflect the sun blindingly. As one approaches it, the sense is that time has stopped and indeed no time oasses here. This is not just an island where we explore our dreams and recieve omens and messages through them, but it is the crossroads between past, present and future.

This is a Isle where one needs all one's wits: it is full of spirits and elementals who will lead a seeker astray. Images of yesteryear dangled in front f your eyes, distract you from your quest, Strange side roads appear on your journey, unbidden distracting thoughts and feelings interfer with your work. Many a creature encountered here seems either frightening or seductive; we can let ourselves be distracted by them with great ease, and added to this is the sense of timelessness and the very surreal quality that pevades the isle. This is the soft strange land of Hy-Brasil.

The mischievous of many of its creatures is our own fault. Having trained our brains into patterns of thought and behavious, many of them self destructive or self denigrating, we now wish to reach inside and explore our souls, realise our potential. But first we have to overcome the very barriers and defences we ourselves have erected in our hearts and minds over the years. And they are good defences!! they will try anything to befuddle or distract you. Here in Hy-Brasil you must learn to rethink, literallly. DO not accept guilt and blame and fear and selfpity; question every emotion and thought. You will know when the true hard real feeling hits you, but some of the false feelings can be very strong so take care.

The dreams that bring us to hy-Brasil are keys to our psyche, and to others'. You will visit this isle to interpret your own and others' dreams. You will come to connect with your own younger and older selves. You will come to examine deep feelings and thoughts. But remember the isle of Hy-Brasil was a legend to many in celtic times and they embarked on a futile and arragont search for its shores, often leading to death adn destruction for the voyager. So we learn that the glitter of Hy-brasil can be dangerous and deceptive, its messages untrustworthy. However on the plus side if youcan work until you are adept at negotiating Hy-brasil, the rewards are great.




1.Start to understand your feelings by beginning with and trying to get back to very simple feelings. Still very still, just "be" for a while, let yourself experience your emotions, simple emotions. Refamiliarise yourself with simple pleasures.

2. Analyse your feeling in greater detail. Associate emotion with event ie "joy" at "something good happening". remember previous emotions and what prompted them.

3. Exercise control over your emotions. Want to do someting but stop yourself at the last moment. Watch yourself until you get angry then deliberately force yourself to calm down. this part requires practise!


1. Begin to record and analyse your dreams. Familiarise yourself with their patterns, content and symbolism (see link below)

2. Look for patterns in your dreams, seek out themes and recurring messages.

3. When drifting off to sleep, try to imagine yourself on the Isle of dreams. Practice seeing yourself there, walking among the soft hills, across the sands, in the quiet morning or the gently falling twilight....try to transport yourself there, over time, in your dreams. This requires practise but no special skill, just consistant practice.

4. when in any dream try to be "aware" that your are dreaming, try eventually to actually make decisions and change the course of your dreams.



To become familiar and to be able to utilise the Isle of Dreams, takes time, and practice but the rewards are great. There are many lessons to be learned as you explore this is the key to your own hidden self and also to dormant power and abilties.


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