The Arts of the Forest Dwellers;
Welcome to the Forests and Plains, where the farmers and hunters dwell. Here you will find the arts of protection, love, beauty, fertility and luck. The tribes that roam the land carry with them the knowledge that is to be gleaned from the land.
There are two main areas that can be examined. The first is the Forest, where reside the Sidhe or Faerie folk, some of the Goddesses and Gods and the hunters and forest dwellers. In the plains are the farmers and artisans, and the Goddesses of the land. The Bards, and poets and clan warriors can be met with anywhere.
Each section of celtic society has their own magick and truths to teach you, they can also represent people in your life. Read the descriptions on the
MAP AND CLANS PAGE and try to fit them to people you know!
I suggest that you first read through the entire page, and then perhaps try out the simple meditation provided. You might like to read through the entire website before doing any one part to get a good overall feel for the concept, and to familiarise yourself with the various areas.


Arts of the Forest Dwellers

Chants and Blessings (Pagan)




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