and travel the pathways of the Ancestors.


The raven is the messenger of the gods who travels with you, both guide and protector. From the Cailleach Beara to the days of the Fianna, the Raven has born witness to the mysteries of the Celts.
This is not a site for beginners; This is a site for those who have some experience, both in spellcasting and meditationeven if they are complete beginners at the Imrammic meditations. The ethos of this site is rooted in a very specific tradition, Irish Traditional Family Witchcraft.

However, the aim is to open this world a little to any who sincerely seeks; to share the old power and blessings especially with fellow witches. As I respect the diversity of beliefs prevelant in the world today, all I ask is that visitors to this site respect ours. There are mysteries at the heart of our tradition that cannot be shared at will but by helping those who wish to learn, along the path, we hope to let you approach this power and mystery yourselves. Or perhaps to enrich your personal tradition, just a little.

Because this is not your average site, it is best to read it through as thoroughly as possible, and to take a little time to think about and digest the information. Please feel free to try out different parts, piecemeal, to get a feel for the concept.


Use any of the meditations to get you into the correct frame of mind; once you find yourself at one with the forest or sea etc, almost physically there you will find that you can begin to relax and explore, allowing yourself to meet with both those who dwell there and other travellers.
on a less metaphysical level, as mentioned elsewhere you should try link the homeland to your present life. Who are the archetypes surrounding you every day;
Are you on a central plain or adventuring on one of the Isles? ;
do you seek the knowledge of man or to commune with the god/dess and the ancestors?;
every link you forge between the homeland and your daily life will increase the power of magic to influence and change your life for good.

Basics of Irish Traditional Witchcraft Spirituality

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