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Eblanna Raven is one of our most wellrespected practitioners, and has dedicated her life to the preservation, teaching and exploring of Irish Occult practices, known more commonly as Irish Traditional Witchcraft. She has trained many of the younger generation of witches who owe her a huge debt of gratitude. This is her website, an intelligent and imaginative teaching of the traditional Irish concept of Immramma or soul journey and the Idea of the Homeland.

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About this site:

This feature of Irish witchcraft has evolved out of the myths and sagas of Celtic Irish literature, but the version presented here is Eblanna's own personal interpretation of it. Each practitioner and each Family has its own indiosyncatic version, and each reader is encouraged to build their own view of the "Homeland and the Isles" (TM) .

This is not ideally a site for complete beginners in occult matters nor in meditation, but rather for those already experienced; however it is intended as an introduction for beginners to the Imrammic Traditions specifically. Because Irish Traditions see the occult as an art rather than a religion, this site should not be confused with religious instruction. This is a site of spirituality and the exploration of the self and as such can be explored by any practitioner of any religion. The Witchcraft for which this tradition is the basis is neither wiccan, nor eclectic,but an ancient and very traditional art; however many traditional wiccans or non-Irish traditionals have found it to be an excellent addition to their own practices/beliefs. As long as you show respect to the original and not confuse this with some kind of wiccan religion.

Dus to failing health, Eblanna is taking a well earned rest having completed her text for this site; we ask that any queries or comments be addressed to editors@ppppublishing.com



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